Tips for Professionals

Understanding the Ages and Stages in Adoption

When I was at Harvard many, many years ago, I was looking at the developmental stages in adoption. My professors laughed and said there wasn’t a “psychology” of adoption. I told them there was indeed. I think Erik Erikson was the only one who “got it.” Having never known his father he even went so…

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Transitioning Children with Developmental Trauma into an Adoptive Home

By incorporating The 3–5–7 Model: Preparing Children for Permanency, by Darla Henry, workers and families conduct the preparation work, assist the child in grieving losses, formulate self-identity, establish trust and security through attachments, and build relationships and openness to join families on a permanent basis. 3 Tasks, 5 Questions, 7 Skills The 3-5-7 Model for…

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Mindfulness and Self Care for Professionals

Introduction: For My favorite analogy for self-care is clichéd, but accurate. When you get on an airplane and the flight attendant gives that safety spiel, when they get to the part about the oxygen masks, the first thing they tell you is: “If you’re traveling with children or others who need assistance, put your oxygen mask…

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