For Families

We're here to help families with every step of the adoption process.

Adopt Kansas Kids is here to support families, regardless of where they are in their adoption journey. Whether a family is just starting out or about to finalize their second (or third!) adoption, we are here every step of the way. We help by providing families information, resources, and referrals. We also are here to help remind families that they don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent!

About Adoption

Currently there are approximately 500 Kansas children in foster care that are without a resource, waiting to be adopted. Learn more about the adoption process and find information and resources such as agencies, adoption terminology, and frequently asked questions.

Adoption Stories

For many families just starting out the process of adoption can look scary or hard, and certainly parenting is a tough job regardless. Hear from families who have opened their hearts and added children to their family through adoption. Let their stories be an inspiration for you as they share their successes, rewards, challenges, and triumphs of both the adoption process and parenting their children.

Post Adoption

Meeting many of the day-to-day needs of a child or sibling group you have adopted will be similar to meeting the needs of any child by providing unconditional reassurance, love, and support. However, there are additional things you will need to prepare yourself for to help a child you’ve adopted work through past trauma and loss. This is where K-PARC comes in by providing Parent Cafés, Weekend Couples Retreats, and more!

Helpful Links

Find online resources for every part of the adoption process, including links for families considering adoption, families considering fostering, and foster care adoptees.