Youth-Centered Profiles

Youth Centered Profiles incorporate the voice of older youth in foster care through a creative storytelling project.

The Youth-Centered Profile is used to assist in the search for a forever family. This unique opportunity gives youth the opportunity to take initiative in their own recruitment process, developing their profile using their own words. Youth are engaged in this process from start to finish, allowing them to be creative throughout the process.



Meet Robert – Age 13

Robert is a talented all-around athlete who excels in basketball, baseball, and football.! He is also interested in combat sports, like boxing and wrestling.


Meet Ja’Niyah – Age 12

Ja’Niyah is an outgoing girl with a spunky personality. She has a great sense of humor and brings joy to others. She can also be described as helpful, caring, and affectionate.


Meet Kirsten – Age 16

Kirsten has the magical ability to brighten any room she enters! She has the most contagious laugh and can always make others smile with her sense of humor.


Meet BreAnna – Age 15

BreAnna has a huge heart for animals. When asked to describe her ideal day, BreAnna shares that she would spend it horseback riding and relaxing by the pool.


Meet Eric – Age 13

A loving and sweet soul, you’ll never have a dull moment with Eric! He exuberates compassion to those around him. One of Eric’s favorite past times is going to yard sales where he gets to use his hard earned allowance to shop for treasures.


Meet Skyler – Age 12

Skyler is the best when it comes to using his imagination! Give this boy a cardboard box and you’ll soon see he’s the king of building forts. He also enjoys time outdoors, participating in sports like basketball and track.


Meet Andrew – Age 14

Andrew is always looking for ways to expand his knowledge! Those who know him say he’s quite observant and thoughtful. Making him a great conservationist. You can easily find him with a book on any given day!


Meet Jareth – Age 12

Jareth is a kind-hearted, well-mannered boy who loves to stay active.



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