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Below you will find helpful resources to educate your family on adoption from foster care!

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Level of Needs Definitions

Many children available for adoption through foster care have identified special needs that may include physical, mental, emotional, or development disabilities. Some children require specific services to address these needs. This document will help you define the characteristics of a child who meets mild, moderate, or severe level of needs, and will identify services for each level of need.

Level of Needs Definition

Information Sharing Continuum

Below you will find helpful information to educate you on what is shared through public photolisting, private narratives and matching calls.

Information Sharing Continuum

Adoption Process Flowchart

Interested in adoption but not sure what the process is? Whether you’re a Kansas resident or from out-of-state, we’ve created these flowcharts to help as you navigate the process.

Adoption Flowchart for Kansas Residents

Adoption Flowchart for Out-of-State Residents

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about the process? Have general questions? Explore our frequently asked questions.