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Online resources for every part of the adoption process.

Local Government Agencies

  • Department of Children and Families (DCF): The State Department of Children and Families is the agency who receives temporary custody of children requiring out of home placement. DCF contracts with private agencies to provide family preservation, foster care, and adoption services.  DCF also ensures regulations regarding licensed foster homes are met and monitors Child Placing Agencies.

Level of Needs Definitions

  • Many children available for adoption through foster care have identified special needs that may include physical, mental, emotional, or development disabilities. Some children require specific services to address these needs. This document will help you define the characteristics of a child who meets mild, moderate, or severe level of needs, and will identify services for each level of need.

Level of Needs Definition

For Families Considering Adoption

  • AdoptUSKids: Our Mission The mission of AdoptUsKids is to recruit and connect foster and adoptive families with waiting children throughout the United States. Services include the nationwide photo listing of waiting children, a national family recruitment campaign, and publications and services for families.
  • Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption: Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is a nonprofit public charity dedicated to dramatically increasing the adoptions of children waiting in North America’s foster care systems. Created by Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas, the Foundation works to fulfill its mission by implementing result-driven national signature programs, awareness initiatives and advocacy efforts.
  • Casey Family Programs: Casey Family Programs’ mission is to provide and improve—and ultimately to prevent the need for—foster care. Casey Family Programs provide direct services as well as promote advances in child-welfare practice and policy.
  • Heart Gallery of America: The Heart Gallery of America is a collaborative project of the more than 120 Heart Galleries across the United States designed to increase the number of adoptive families for children needing homes in our community. Heart Galleries are traveling photography exhibits featuring children in foster care needing adoption. The Kansas Heart Gallery is Klicks for Kids.
  • Kansas Foster and Adoptive Family Association: The KFAPA is a non-profit organization formed to increase the amount of information, resources, and support available to Kansas resource (foster and adoptive) families.

For Families Considering Fostering

  • Kansas Foster and Adoptive Family Association: The KFAPA is a non-profit organization formed to increase the amount of information, resources, and support available to Kansas resource (foster and adoptive) families.
  • National Foster Care Month: National Foster Care Month heightens visibility for the issue and provides a strong outreach and recruitment platform for individuals and organizations working to support children and families throughout the year.
  • National Foster Parent Association: The National Foster Parent Association is a non-profit, volunteer organization that represents thousands of foster families nationwide through foster parent affiliates. Primary activities include promotion of the delivery of services and supports to foster families, development of educational and training opportunities and materials, and advocacy at the local, state, and national levels.

For Foster Care Adoptees

  • FosterClub/The National Network for Young People in Foster Care: FosterClub is the national network for young people in foster care. FosterClub is their club — a place to turn for advice, information, and hope. It helps open the way for these young people to transform their lives and provides a forum to raise their voice.
  • Freddie Mac Foundation: The Foundation invests in programs that improve the lives of children in foster care by helping them find adoptive homes. The Foundation also funds programs that help young people leaving the foster system find housing and become self-sufficient, successful adults. Among the activities the Foundation funds are Wednesday’s Child television segments in five US cities, the Washington D.C. area Heart Gallery, and National Adoption Day.
  • “Empowering Adopted Children of Color in the Face of Racism and Discrimination”: how adoptive parents can best empower their transracial children when faced with discrimination/racism issues. This resource also includes visual graphics on how to address racial incidents.

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