Adoption Stories

Hear from families who have opened their homes and hearts.

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family

“The creation of family through adoption can involve many challenges, but love and permanence are powerfully, healing forces.” ~Dr. Jane Aronson.

This is the story of Amber and Jonathan. They have 2 adult daughters, Bianca and Maggie and Bianca has a son named Gabriel (their first grandbaby). They also have 7 children in the home: Bethany, Hannah, Matthew, Ian, Marcus, Byon, and Charles. This is all very exciting as they just got married in November 2016! In 2009, Amber, as a single mom, adopted a sibling set of 5: Bianca, Maggie, Bethany, Hannah and Matthew and welcomed them into her family. Read More

Henderson Family

The Henderson Family

My husband and I are high school sweethearts, we met at a very difficult time in my life when I was 16 years old. In 2005 I was on a path of ruin. During this time I was placed in the foster care system for the second time in my young life. I had just been placed in a foster home 4 hours away from my closest friends and family. This separation from my surroundings, I later realized was a blessing in disguise that would become evident in our future. In a town of unfamiliarity Tyler, my husband and I found each other. He was a typical small town boy and I a city girl. We had complete opposite upbringings and you know what they say opposites attract “for us this was true”. Read More

Ozbun Family

The Ozbun Family

In 2002, my husband and I had some friends that did foster care. We thought they were “crazy” until they invited us to go on a camping trip with them and their foster children. We were able to see firsthand what an impact they had on the kids’ lives. In 2004, we started our own journey in fostering. At that time, we had no plans on adopting. We already had 5 children; my husband had 2 from a previous marriage and we had 3 together. We got a call to take in an emergency placement for a 13 year old boy until a long term foster home could be found for him. He wanted a forever family so badly. He really just fit in well with our family and it wasn’t long before we fell in love with him. We decided to make if official and the adoption went through when he was 15 years old.
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The Gilbert Family

The Gilbert Family

In 2003 I married by best friend.  We tried to get pregnant, but it never happened.  We went to several doctors that said we couldn’t get pregnant due to infertility issues I was having.
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Galloway Family

The Galloway Family

Our story started in the fall of 2008, before we were married. We were both working at a children’s ranch in Texas. I was the weekend respite for the girls’ house and school cook, Scott filled in wherever they could use him in the boys’ houses and school. We loved working with the kids, and I loved watching Scott work with the boys.There’s nothing more endearing then a man playing with kids. Read More

Vink Family

The Vink Family

My name is Michelle Vink and my husband is Scottie Vink. We have been married for 6 ½ years. During the first 3 years of marriage we were unable to have our own biological children. Before we got married, we had always talked about adopting children, because both my husband and his younger brother were adopted by his aunt and uncle when they were 6 and 4, so we always knew that we wanted to adopt, we just had planned on doing it after having biological children. Read More

Crow Family

The Crow Family

When I married Derek, thirty-two years ago I never dreamed I would become the momma to eighteen beautiful children, we have thirteen biological children and five adopted. Through the years we have seen seven of our biological children grow up and leave home to start families of their own. We had six biological children at home when we found out about a sibling group of seven that were soon to be orphaned due to neglect and abuse. We began the process of preparing to adopt them, as we couldn’t imagine them being split. Read More

Lunsford Family

The Lunsford Family

My name is Blake, and I adopted my kids in June of 2014. Growing up and entering my 20’s, I was very “success” oriented. I was driven and cared very much about going to college, getting a good job, and climbing the corporate ladder. I put everything I had into this goal, and eventually obtained my MBA and a job I loved as a Senior Executive. I relocated every few years since, and as part of my most recent job I relocated to Kansas City. After several years, I began to love the area and decided to buy a house and settle in one place. I hadn’t been in my house very long when I had a strong feeling something was missing. Read More

Hyatte Family

The Hyatte Family

My husband Thomas and I have quite different upbringings in life. I grew up in a family where my parents were always taking people in and helping people out.I have four “heart sisters” right now along with several other “heart siblings” from the past. “Heart siblings” are individuals so close knit into my family that they are just as important as an actual sibling, but are not legally adopted or biologically connected to me…it was a decision I made in my heart. Read More

Wolfley Family

A Family Meant to Be

A little over a year ago, on Thursday, April 17, 2014, I saw a video posted on the Adopt Kansas Kids Facebook page. I went to their website to search for new faces, like I had several times over the last few years . . . but this day was different. This day I felt more frustration than usual . . . and sadness . . . as I looked at the many faces waiting to find “forever families.” Read More

Reid Family

The Reid Family

Hi everyone we are the Reid Family. My name is Jayme and my husband Bilal and I got married almost 2 years ago. Even before we got married we decided that we would look into adopting a child. I wasn’t sure how that all worked so I began surfing the web and requesting information. Bilal and I happen to go to the local farmer’s market and one day there was a booth set up where they were giving out information about fostering children. We took the information to read over before eventually choosing to become foster parents. Read More

Mock Family

The Mock Family

The first experience we had in regards to adoption was the MAPP classes at KCSL. While going through class, we began to reconsider whether adoption was the right path for us. When you hear about some of the behaviors children can have, you wonder if you will be able to handle them. After MAPP classes, the search was on to find the perfect child to be a part of our family. Read More

Wilson Family

The Wilson Family

For my husband Kent and me, adoption was always an option as a viable way to expand our family. When we were first married, we had the opportunity to foster two sisters which gave us a chance to better understand the foster care/adoption process and the needs of the children in foster care. After having two biological children, Kaleb and Rosie, we decided that we would not have any more biological children, but adopt from foster care in the future. Read More

Ostrom Family

The Ostrom Family

We are the Ostrom family. We were married in 2006 and have a blended family with Lon having 2 boys and I, Kathy, having 3 boys. In 2007, we decided to do foster care. I was adopted as an infant and always knew I was adopted. My mother was adopted as well. In 2001, I lost my youngest son to an accident at the age of 3. Unable to have more children and finding Lon who had taught elementary children PE for 35 years, we decided we wanted to do foster care. Read More

Dubree Family

The DuBree Family

Hello! We are the DuBrees…all seventeen of us! Adoption is very special to us…specifically adopting sibling groups. Will and I (Janelle) married in our late thirties. I brought one son into the marriage and then later we had a daughter, Cydnee, together. Prior to getting pregnant with our daughter, we started the foster care adoption process thinking that I couldn’t get pregnant. Imagine our surprise when I did and we put our adoption plans on hold. After the birth of our daughter, we began the adoption journey again. Read More