The Osborn Family

My husband, Patrick, and I decided to adopt after becoming licensed foster parents.

I work as a chiropractor. A couple of my patients asked if we would be interested in doing the TIPS-MAPP class with them, because they wanted to adopt a child. We decided we would take the classes since I had never considered pregnancy. About halfway through our class the other couple decided to pursue private adoption. They finished the class with us, and we decided to become licensed foster parents.

We accepted our first foster children a couple of days after we received our foster care license. Our first placement was with us for about a month, then moved to an aunt’s house. We continued to accept more foster children.

In July 2015, our caseworker called and told us that she had 1-year-old twins who needed a foster home.  She asked if we would be interested. Of course we said, “Yes!” Our worker told us that the girls might have some special needs.  Both girls were diagnosed with “failure to thrive” when they first moved into our home.  Almost instantly they started putting on weight. They are now in the 97th percentile!

We adopted these sweet little sweethearts in December 2017.  We are so excited to have Jordan and Audrey be a permanent part of our lives. They bring us so much joy and laughter with their spunky little personalities and keep us on our toes like never before. Every time they look at us and say, “I love you so much,” or give us a mischievous little smile, we know that we couldn’t have made a better decision. It has been a beautiful experience having everyone share in our joy of finalization, and we can’t wait to start planning our adoption party!