Information About Adoption

Information and resources for anyone interested in adoption.

Many children are adopted by relatives, non-relative kin, and foster parents. Others continue to wait. Currently there are approximately 500 Kansas children in foster care without an adoptive resource, waiting to be adopted.  Children waiting are all ages, races and ethnicities, and from all socioeconomic backgrounds. The majority of waiting children are age eight and older, part of a sibling group of 3 or more, or have special needs.

Children’s Adoption Services

Kansas children in foster care receive case management services through one of two DCF contracted Child Welfare Case Management Providers. These providers ensure children receive:

  1. necessary services, including access to medical and mental health services and educational supports;
  2. are living in a safe and a supportive environment which meets their needs; and
  3. achieve timely permanency, including adoption.

It is the responsibility of the Child Welfare Case Management Providers to determine the attributes of an adoptive family which would best suit the needs of a child in their care.  When a family is selected for a child the Case Management agency is responsible for the following:

  1. coordinating pre-placement visits;
  2.  establishing the date the child will move into your home;
  3. providing support to your family during the adjustment time frame;
  4. guiding your family through finalization; and
  5. providing post-adoption services for 12 months following finalization of the adoption at court.

Custodianship / Guardianship

Permanent custodianship or guardianship of a child can be an alternative to adoption.  This is available to children o a limited situations and is based on the individual child’s needs.

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Families interested in adopting a child from the foster care system have a choice in deciding which agency they want to work with for their adoption. A variety of factors may influence the agency you select. These factors include :

  1. the area of the state where you live,
  2. the type of child you believe will fit best into your home and skill sets,
  3. whether or not you are interested in fostering, and
  4. your own personal preferences or past experience with an agency.

Adopt Kansas Kids can assist you in examining your options.

Child Welfare Case Management Providers provide services and support to foster and adoptive families. Among the services provided are sponsorship of TIPS-MAPP classes, completion of home studies, and post-adoption supports including training, support groups, and referrals to community resources. Both Child Welfare Case Management Providers sponsor foster homes in Kansas.

Other non-profit agencies in Kansas assist foster and adoptive families.  These agencies do not have responsibility for the case management services for the children. Many of these agencies prepare, train and provide ongoing support to foster homes and provide adoption home studies and post adoption supports.

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