Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.

This policy covers how we treat personal information that we collect and receive, including information related to your past use of our services. Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable like your name, address, email address, or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available.

Adopt Kansas Kids is a collaborative effort among several agencies in Kansas. This policy does not apply to the individual practices of companies or agencies that we do not own or control, or to people that we do not employ or manage.

When you register we ask for information such as your name, email address, address and phone numbers. When you register with us and sign in to our services, you are not anonymous to us.

We do not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with other people or non-affiliated agencies. We provide your information to collaborative agencies who work on behalf of or with us under confidentiality agreements. These agencies may use your personal information to help match you with children needing an adoptive placement. However, they do not have any independent right to share this information.

We respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.

We believe it is necessary to share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, or as otherwise required by law.

We transfer information about you if we are acquired by or merged with another agency. We also will transfer information about you to the Kansas state-awarded contract holder for the adoption exchange service.

We may set and access cookies on your computer. We only read cookies that our servers set on your machine.

We limit access to personal information about you to employees who we believe reasonably need to come into contact with that information to provide services to you or in order to do their jobs. We have physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect personal information about you.


The rights and dignity of clients are respected throughout FosterAdopt Connect. We are committed to protect the legal and ethical rights of clients by informing clients of their rights and responsibilities; providing fair and equitable treatment; and providing clients with sufficient information to make an informed choice about utilizing our services. All services provided by FosterAdopt Connect are voluntary and provided at no cost to the client.

Client Rights

All services are provided on a voluntary basis. Each client has the right to:

  • Services provided will not be affected by their race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or disability.
  • Expect that all communications and records pertaining to their services will be treated as confidential and protected to the best of our legal ability.
  • Request to review their record, in compliance with State laws and FosterAdopt Connect’s Access to Case Records policy.
  • Submit a written statement to their case record, as outlined in FosterAdopt Connect’s Access to Case Records policy.
  • File a grievance about FosterAdopt Connect services provided or denied to them, according to FosterAdopt Connect’s grievance procedures, which includes:
    • The right to file a grievance without interference or retaliation.
    • Timely written notification of the resolution and an explanation of any further appeal, rights or recourse.
    • At least one level of review that does not involve the person about whom the complaint has been made or the person who reached the decision under review.
    • The right to contact our Civil Rights Liaison, Director of Human Resources & Administration, Pam Hulse via phone 816-659-9356 or at or file a complaint directly with the Office of Civil Rights in Washington, D.C., or the Kansas Governor’s Grants Program as detailed below.
  • Know that certain information may be released without their authorization under the following legal circumstances:
    • The receipt of a legitimate subpoena or court order, unless a protection order within the timeframe established by Kansas State Law.
    • If ordered by a judge or other judicial officers.
    • In the event of a medical emergency.
    • The receipt of information that suggests child abuse or neglect has occurred. FosterAdopt Connect employees are mandated to report any such information to the applicable state hotline.
    • In the event of threat of harm to someone, if that threat is perceived to be serious, the proper individuals must be contacted.
    • Receive communication in the format preferred, including verbal, written, or interpreted, if requested.
    • Receive consistent enforcement of program rules and expectations.
    • Persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) will have meaningful access and an equal opportunity to participate in our services, activities, programs, and other benefits.
    • Be informed of the hours services are available.
    • Have the rules, expectations, and other factors that can result in discharge or termination of services explained.
    • Participate in all service decisions.
    • Be informed of the benefits, risks, side effects, and alternatives to planned services.
    • Be offered the most appropriate and least restrictive or intrusive service alternative to meet their 61 needs.
    • Receive service in a manner that is free from harassment or coercion and that protects the person’s right to self-determination.
    • Refuse any service.
    • Be informed about the consequences of such refusal.
    • Understand circumstances under which FosterAdopt Connect will serve minors without consent from a parent or legal guardian. Specific circumstances are available upon request.

Client Responsibilities

Clients of FosterAdopt Connect have the following responsibilities:

  • Actively participate in services.
  • Participate as a member of the team, including making service decisions.
  • Be respectful of FosterAdopt Connect staff and others encountered during service delivery
  • Report any concern regarding services, past or present, as outlined in the Client Grievance Procedure.
  • Provide feedback about FosterAdopt Connect services to help the agency continually improve.


Client Grievance Policy

FosterAdopt Connect encourages open and honest discussion between service recipients and program staff and expects that most concerns can be addressed satisfactorily through such discussions. Verbal reports of concern are not considered grievances. When verbal reports and discussions do not lead to resolution of concerns, service recipients are encouraged to file a written report, which are considered grievances.

It is the policy of FosterAdopt Connect that clients should have an opportunity to present their individual service-related complaints and to appeal management decisions through a grievance resolution procedure, without fear of retaliation. FosterAdopt Connect will attempt to resolve promptly all grievances that are appropriate for handling under this policy. All staff, service recipients, applicants, and stakeholders may report a formal grievance with FosterAdopt Connect.

An “appropriate grievance” is defined as a client’s expressed dissatisfaction concerning the interpretation or application of certain service-related policies by FosterAdopt Connect management, supervisors, or other employees. Examples of matters that may be considered appropriate grievances under this policy include:

  • (a) A belief that FosterAdopt Connect policies, practices, rules, regulations, or procedures have been applied inconsistently to a client/service recipient;
  • (b) Treatment considered unfair by a client/service recipient. (Note: Clients encountering conduct that the client considers to be in violation of Anti-Harassment and EEOC have the right to file a report directly to the Office of Civil Rights or Kansas Governor’s Grants Program.)
  • (c) Any person who believes they have been excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, subjected to discrimination under, or denied employment in connection with program or activity because of race, color, religion, gender identity, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, military status or has been retaliated against for engaging in protected activity.

Clients should notify FosterAdopt Connect in a timely fashion of a grievance that the client believes appropriate for handling under this policy. The grievance resolution procedure is the exclusive remedy for clients with appropriate complaints. As used in this policy, the terms “timely fashion,” “reasonable time,” and “promptly” generally will mean five (5) working/business days.

Grievances may not be filed for:

  • Services if clients are denied services because they do not meet program eligibility.
  • Services for which another agency is solely responsible.
  • Adjustments made in services required by a change in State or Federal Law.
  • An issue which is not defined as part of program service delivery by FosterAdopt Connect.

Client Grievance Procedure

If the client is unable to reach resolution with the supervisor of the program, they may contact the Vice President of Kansas Programs, Kristalle Hedrick via phone 913-717-0183 or at; or our Civil Rights Liaison and Director of Human Resources & Office Administration, Pamela Hulse via phone 816-659-9356 or at