You don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent

We believe every child deserves a loving, caring home and a family they can call their own. At Adopt Kansas Kids we help children find a place where they belong and people who will always be there for them.


Featured Youth

Russell has numerous interests and enjoys playing sports like soccer, football, and basketball.


Featured Youth

Skyler is the best when it comes to using his imagination! Give this boy a cardboard box and you'll soon see he's the king of building forts.


Featured Youth

Through his art class, Eric learned about his passion for crafts. He is a hands-on kid who enjoys building with wood and woodworking.

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Success Story

The Clark Family

Shannon and Tonya Clark already had 11 children when they met Jeremiah, who was 4 months old.

Tonya’s sister and brother-in-law were acting as Jeremiah’s foster parents, and Tonya and Shannon often had contact with him through them.

“We fell in love at first sight and bonded immediately as well,” Tonya said.

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