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Gender Race Minimum Age Maximum Age Siblings  

 NameMatch #GenderRaceAgeSiblings
Child Image Maurice
Meet Maurice! He is an adorable boy with a great smile.
101126 Male African American 16 0
Child Image Steve
Steve is an enjoyable young man! Steve prefers to be indoors playing with his toys or being around others.
101127 Male African American 15 0
Child Image Harligh
Harligh has a wide variety of interests as he likes play video games, read books, and put together electronics
101257 Male Caucasian 16 0
Child Image Jacob
Jacob loves watching cartoons, playing with items that light up or have sounds and listening to music!
101424 Male African American 14 0
Child Image Deacon
Meet Deacon! He likes art, sports and playing video games.
101440 Male African American 14 0
Child Image Juan
Juan likes toys that make lot of sounds and plays music!
101453 Male Hispanic 13 0
Child Image Alexus
Alexus is a friendly and affectionate girl who very much wants to be a part of a family!
101533 Female African American 13 0
Child Image Shelby
Shelby is an affectionate, motivated, and loyal young lady who would like a family with pets!
CH-5030 Female Caucasian 16 0
Child Image Morgan
Morgan is into tanks, history and taking things apart.
CH-5046 Male Caucasian 13 0
Child Image Reagan
Reagan is a friendly and happy child with a great smile!
CH-5053 Female Caucasian 11 0
Child Image Jarell
Jarell is really into sports! He enjoys playing football, soccer and he excels in basketball.
CH-5085 Male African American 17 0
Child Image Colden
Colden always has a smile on his face!
CH-5092 Male Caucasian 13 0
Child Image Jackie
Jackie is a loving young girl with a sharp mind and very strong hearing
CH-5099 Female Caucasian 13 0
Child Image Mikaela
Mikaela wants to be a part of a family that is loving and accepting of her.
CH-5113 Female American Indian/Alaskan Native 14 0
Child Image Dalton
Dalton enjoys playing sports, outdoor activities, and animals.
CH-5118 Male Caucasian 14 0
Child Image Cheyenne
Cheyenne likes being around pets and taking them for walks!
CH-5125 Female Caucasian 13 0
Child Image Marco
Marco is a creative young man who likes building boats out of wood. In school, he likes his science and art classes the most.
CH-5147 Male Hispanic 13 0
Child Image Hayley
Hayley is an ambitious, smart, and caring young lady!
CH-5151 Female Hispanic 15 0
Child Image X Zavion
X’Zavion is good at building things; especially with his LEGOS.
CH-5190 Male African American 14 0
Child Image Jeremy
Jeremy is very independent and wants to make everyone happy!
CH-5224 Male Caucasian 15 0

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