The Johnson Family

“The creation of family through adoption can involve many challenges, but love and permanence are powerfully, healing forces.” ~Dr. Jane Aronson.

This is the story of Amber and Jonathan. They have 2 adult daughters, Bianca and Maggie and Bianca has a son named Gabriel (their first grandbaby). They also have 7 children in the home: Bethany, Hannah, Matthew, Ian, Marcus, Byon, and Charles. This is all very exciting as they just got married in November 2016! In 2009, Amber, as a single mom, adopted a sibling set of 5: Bianca, Maggie, Bethany, Hannah and Matthew and welcomed them into her family. She fell in love with them and wanted them to stay together and grow up together! They also have Jonathan’s biological children in the mix. 9 children all together that they consider theirs! When asked how adopting 5 children changed their lives, they laugh and report that it brought more love into their lives and also more “volume.” They can’t imagine missing out on having the kids in their lives and consider family the very best part of their lives! Amber is proud to give a brief update on each of the 9 children: 1. Bianca is doing well raising her son. 2. Maggie is married and her husband is serving in the military. 3. Bethany is going to be a senior in high school and planning to become a cosmetologist. 4. Hannah is going into 11th grade and planning to be a veterinarian. 5. Matthew is going into 9th grade. He plans to go into building trades in high school. 6. Ian who is going into 7th grade is planning to be an architectural engineer. 7. Marcus is going into 6th grade and plans to be a pastor. 8. Byon is also going into 6th grade and wants to be an engineer also. And the youngest, 9. Charles is in first grade and wants to be a police officer.

Excerpts from a paper that Bethany wrote for her English class:

I was four years old and was put into foster care on December 16, 2004. My biological parents did drugs and were unable to care for me and my siblings. I was put into a foster home and the lady we lived with was older. Us girls lived with her for five months. She then told the foster care agency that we were too much work for her to handle. She asked for us to be moved into a new home. This lady named “Amber” was going to get us and be our new mom! She always wanted a large family, now she was going to have one. She asked the foster care agency if she could have all of us! They said “Okay”. They then brought me to her on July 29, 2005. When she first saw us she thought of us as her own kids and wanted to adopt us!

When I met her, I really wanted a mom who would take care of me and be there to love me. I met her in our church that the bus would take me to. I crawled on her lap and asked her if I could call her my mom? She had tears in her eyes and she said, “Yes you can”! I will do whatever it takes to make that happen. I will be there for you and I will always love you. From then on I always call her my mom! On September 30, 2009. I got adopted at the courthouse. It was a huge celebration that my mom “Amber” was adopting me and my siblings.

I was so happy to have a family again! Not one that had the cops at their house a lot and them not feeding us. I was sure glad to be in a family that I knew would be there for me and always love me! I am so glad that she is my mom. The day I met her, it felt like she was meant to be my mom. I’m so glad God gave us to her because she has been asking God for a full family. He answered her request and sent us to a wonderful place with her.