The DuBree Family

Hello! We are the DuBrees…all seventeen of us! Adoption is very special to us…specifically adopting sibling groups. Will and I (Janelle) married in our late thirties. I brought one son into the marriage and then later we had a daughter, Cydnee, together. Prior to getting pregnant with our daughter, we started the foster care adoption process thinking that I couldn’t get pregnant. Imagine our surprise when I did and we put our adoption plans on hold. After the birth of our daughter, we began the adoption journey again.

Hershel was placed in our home right after Cydnee’s first birthday in 2001.He was being separated from his siblings for adoption. Throughout the years seeing his pain from the separation has given us out passion to keep siblings together.

In the years 2002 through present, 2014, we have adopted thirteen times. When Hershel had been a part of our family for seven months, we welcomed Jeffery to our home. Shortly thereafter, Tyson, my brother’s son, joined our family. We were blessed to have Sierra and Destynee join our family being our first sibling group adoption in 2004. Within a year, we learned that Jeffery’s biological half-brother, Aaron, was available to adoption along with Aaron’s brother, Skyler. It took several phone calls, but we were able to have them placed in our home.

In 2007, our hearts felt led to adopt another sibling group. We adopted Devin, Desiree and Keyauna from Texas. In 2009, we were approached asking if we would be interested in adopting a brother and sister sibling group available here in Kansas. We quickly updated our home study and once selected in the best interest staffing, Nicholas and Sylvia joined our family.

Sammie, our daughter, is also Will’s cousin and her adoption was finalized in 2013. As of 2014, we are currently looking to adopt one more sibling group.

Although some of our children were older when adopted, we have experienced “firsts” as if they were newborns. The first Rodeo, birthday party, circus, vacations…you name it! The looks on their faces are priceless! Our motivation and what keeps us going through challenging times is our children. Healing for our children doesn’t happen overnight, but through commitment, love, and our faith in God, our children have become stronger.

Adoption has changed our family. Our children are more giving to others and of their time. They are proud to be adopted and will advocate for adoption to others. Two of our older children are now fathers. To see them reach this point in their lives is incredible! Some of our children are in the workforce and attending Job Corp.

Personally I used to think that success for my children meant sending them off to college, but our children have taught us that success is overcoming one’s tragic past and leading one’s life in a productive manner. We might have days where we take a step back in behaviors, but our children have come so far. They are amazing and we are proud of each and every one of our children!