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Contact Adopt Kansas Kids. You will be sent information that explains the process and a listing of agencies in your area that you may chose to work with to prepare for adoption. You can also call 1-877-457-5430.

If you want to move forward, learn more about the adoption agencies in your area and select the one you’re most comfortable with and can best meet your family’s needs. If you are also interested in providing foster care, make sure you choose an agency that sponsors foster homes.

Complete your agency’s application process. This will include several standard background checks. Your agency will enroll you in a PS-MAPP class. This class may or may not be sponsored by your agency.

Following your agency’s completion of a home study, you will be approved for adoption and begin working with your agency’s social worker to match your family with a child needing adoption who meets your preferences and family profile. At this point, if you’ve chosen to pursue foster care as well, your agency will submit application to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) for your foster home license.

When a match is made, you will receive a detailed child profile so you can decide whether it looks like a good fit. If it does, your social worker will submit your home study to the child’s case manager for review.

If the child’s case manager believes you are a possible match for the child, you will be included in a Best Interest Staffing. If you are selected, you’ll participate in pre-placement visits with the child and have the opportunity to talk with the child’s foster parents, teacher, counselors, and other important people in the child’s life. You will also be able to review all available information about the child.

The child joins your family. The child’s case manager will continue to provide services until the adoption is legalized and for up to 12 months after. Your agency may also continue to provide support .

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